Friday, 7 October 2011

Episode One: 'Farewell and Adieu'

Graeme, Mat and Michael talk Hoopoe, Pallid Harrier, Crimson Speckled and Rootless Duckweed, go in search of the Death's Head Hawk-moth and find a whole bunch of something totally unexpected instead.

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Hoopoe at Glynde

Crimson Speckled (in a book)

Pallid Harrier at Burpham (pronounced 'burf-um') by Matt Eade (

Rootless Duckweed at Lewes Brooks

Graeme in a ditch

Marsh Gentian

Dog Stinkhorn at Ebernoe Common

Michael in a net

Flame Brocade at Friston Forest

Western Conifer Seed Bug at Friston Forest

Scarce Bordered Straw at Friston Forest

Ni Moth at Friston Forest

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