Sunday, 22 April 2012

Episode Six: "The owls are not what they seem"

You want your wildlife? We got your wildlife. With spring in the air we talk incoming March migrants and emerging butterflies and go hiking on the South Downs in search of long-eared owls with guests Penny & Dave Green. Graeme brings his new friend to the podcast, Mat finds his own red kite, Michael rants about twitchers and we do our first (and last) film review.


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A tasty Wheatear

Camberwell Beauty at Marley Common (photo: Matt Bramich)

Typical Yellow-browed Warbler habitat

Scarce Violet Cosmet Pancalia schwarzella

Hot cow

The lovely Penny & Dave Green

So out of place, so outer space. The slime mould formerly known as Enteridium lycoperdon

T1000 for comparison

Psilochorus simoni

Owen Wilson, Steve Martin & Jack Black in 'The Big Year'.

A Yellowthroat in the best bit of 'The Big Year' - the end credits. Seriously - they were really good!

Chaos on the streets of Haywards Heath.

Mat's very own Red Kite (photo by Mat Davidson) (taken with his mobile phone through his binoculars).

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